Announcing the sale of "the exceptional Harley fetterman"


For Harley Fans!

We are thrilled to announce that the long awaited biography, "The Exceptional Harley Fetterman" is now available for sale to his huge fan base, including communities of blind kids and also kids who are diagnosed with cancer. His biography covers his lifetime of eighteen years grouped into three categories:  Losing Sight & Gaining Insight, The Making of a Champion, and "Sir Harley" St. Baldrick's Knight of the Bald Table. Harley's story reveals the legacy of an amazing hero whose life will forever be a model of accomplishment and advocacy. He embraced blindness and developed life skills that put him on the highest level of academics and other life goals; all the while he battled his own cancer alongside his advocacy for all kids struggling with cancer.

Harley was an adventurous, popular jokester, outgoing, compassionate friend, talented, innovatie student, creative, soulful musician, inspiring, teenage competitor earning top awards in State and National Braille Challenges for the Blind, and achieving the well-earned title of "Knight of the Bald Table" in the Honorable Order of St. Baldrick's while bravely battling cancer.

 The author has chosen to use full color format which is admittedly more expensive to print; however, she prefers this standard in order to provide readers with the best possible color photos of Harley on his adventures. An eBook version is available for those who wish to obtain this type of format. This website also includes links for online enjoyment of several of Harley videos including some him performing his instruments.    

Let it be well noted, that any and all profits from the sale of any version of The Exceptional Harley Fetterman are donated in entirety to the non-profit organized by his parents. The author wishes to pass forward her memory of the sincere, sunny smile and warm, reassuring voice of Harley by supporting his causes. 

Full Color Paperback Version

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Audio Ebook Version

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Audio Ebook Buy Page

This is a view of the buy page for the audio ebook, "The Exceptional Harley Fetterman."

The Price is indicated as $14.00.  To preview the book, click the preview button. If you decide to buy, click the Buy Now Button.   After you purchase the book, you may view and read the audio ebook by clicking View, and entering your email address used to purchase the book. You will receive instant mail confirmation of your purchase which also contains a direct link to the site. You will read the book online with your internet browser via the link. (You do not download the book to your computer.) The book allows you to create book marks to keep your place if you stop reading for a time. The menu of the book also has a chapter listing with links to all the chapters.  There are links in the last chapter, "About the Writing of This Book," which will give you immediate access to online videos of Harley participating in various events.

Special Media Included in the audio ebook.

Page 92 contains a movie clip of Harley promoting NFB Newsline. To view click the arrow play button after audio text finishes.

The "Fulfilling Musical Passion" chapter includes audio music played by Harley which automatically plays within the audio text.

Page 179 contains a movie clip of Harley singing solo at Abiding Love Lutheran Church, "In the Bleak Midwinter."  To view, click the arrow play button after audio text finishes.